Kim Tschang-Yeul

Kim Tschang-Yeul(金昌烈 Dec. 24, 1929 ~ Jan. 5, 2021) focused on portraits in his early career and was known as the ‘Artist of Water Drops’ as he used water drops as the medium for his work beginning in 1972. Apart from being a highly popular artist, he also marked a milestone in the history of contemporary art in Korea by provoking discussion of aesthetics and interest in the world of art both abroad as well as in Korea. Along with such artists as Paik Nam June and Lee Ufan, Kim’s work has been collected by leading museums of art internationally. He was also known as a very important artist in France. His representative works include <Event of Night> (1972), <Water Drops> (1978) and <Recurrence> (1989).

+ref  Kim Tschang-Yeul Art Museum Jeju



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