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If we were to define the ‘IOPE’ brand in one word, it would be ‘research.’ IOPE conducts in-depth research on skin, materials and technologies in order to find optimal solutions for various skin concerns. IOPE offers effective solutions through accurate skin diagnosis, effective plant ingredients, and safe and differentiated biotechnology. IOPE, a brand that has integrated outstanding research outcomes on skin, materials and technologies, is a ‘lab-based functional skin care brand.


Skin research for accurate skin diagnosis

Fundamental and safesolutions appropriate forskin characteristics ofeach individual are providedbased on precise skinmeasurement and analysisof IOPE LAB.


Material research withexcellent skin efficacy

Strong vitality of superplants that protectthemselves and survive inpoor environment isdelivered to skin withexcellent efficacy

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Research to make safe and effective products

By conducting researchbased on advanced bioscience, IOPE resolvesvarious skin concerns withskin-friendly and effectiveingredients and products.

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