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Our company was established with the purpose of developing, manufacturing and selling cell therapy products. We have developed a human tissue model and an alternative test method through the application of our proprietary cell therapy development technology, and attained international certification of the model (listed in the OECD TG on April 2019). We seek to not only to make our technology known, but also preemptively react to future market trends to ensure constant growth and development moving forward.

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An autologous chondrocyte cell-based therapy for the restoration of symptomatic and structural complications caused by articular cartilage defects.
Packaged in 3.0mL pre-filled syringes.
Suitable for treatment of defects which are : ICRS grade III or IV, with defect sizes between 2 ~ 10 cm^2.

An autologous spray-type keratinocyte cell-based therapy for skin wounds.
Packaged in 1 mL vials containing a cell suspension.
Suitable for deep 2nd-degree burns that cover more than 30% of the total body surface area, or 3rd-degree burns that cover more than 10% of the total body surface area.

A thermosensitive, hydrogel-type allogenic keratinocyte cell-therapy product.
Packaged in 1.5 mL pre-filled syringes.
Promotes re-epithelialization of deep 2nd-degree burn wounds.


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