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About Company

Eutilex is Developing anti-tumor T cell therapy and antibody therapeutics based on its own proprietary immunotherapy technology

We set a goal to be a leading company in anti-tumor immunotherapy markets through the technical innovation & early commercialization

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Antibody Therapy
Eutilex has possessed antibody pipelines for many different T cell receptors knowledge base Costim (Co Stimulatory) platform technology, and is also developing a number of unique antibodies. The strength of Eutilex Costim platform technology is its response to drastic changes in market, society and technology environment with flexible and speedy manner.

T-cell Therapy
Platform technology of Eutilex’s T-cell Therapy4-1BB based isolation and expansion of tumor antigen specific CD8+ T cells

CAR-T Cell Therapy
MVR targeting CAR-T cells kill only malignant B cells that show higher expression of HLA-DR than normal B cells.


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