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GC Pharma, a biotechnology pioneer in South Korea, is now preparing to take another major leap forward toward ensuring a healthier and happier future for all peoples worldwide. Challenge and innovation, care and compassion, transparency and integrity, and respect and dedication are the core principles that guide GC Pharma on its journey toward achieving its next goal.

Our mission is to usher in a healthier and happier future for all humankind. To this end, GC Pharma has been engaging in a wide range of pharmaceutical research and development over the last five decades.

Pharmaceutical research is ridden with challenges and hardships. Knowing its importance to people struggling with disease, however, GC Pharma has been ceaselessly pursuing its mission with single-mindedness toward becoming a global health industry leader. GC Pharma is now ready to join the ranks of the global health industry, as an active member in research, development, and provision of a broad array of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and healthcare services for better global prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the body and mind.

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Third-Generation recombinant factor VIII Treatment for Hemophilia
With GreenGene F, GC Pharma became third in the world to successfully develop a third-generation recombinant protein drug for hemophilia-A. As such, the product epitomizes the company’s technological innovation and expertise. Having been approved for Phase 3 clinical trials, the drug is currently under drug approval process in China, a market with a huge potential for growth. By continuing to research and develop next-generation long acting hemophilia treatments, GC Pharma will expand its presence in the North American and European markets as well and increase its share of the global market.

Rare Disease Treatments
At GC Pharma, we believe it our duty to research and develop treatments for rare diseases, which are difficult to make and enjoy little market prospect, but which are crucial to saving lives. The first success in this regard came in the form of Hunterase, a treatment for Hunter syndrome, a hereditary metabolic disorder also known as mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) type-II, in 2012. As the second Hunter syndrome treatment to be developed in the world, Hunterase has helped to lighten the financial burden on Korean patients and families by replacing the expensive imported alternative, and significantly improved quality of life for patients. Under GC Pharma’s plan to bring this innovative drug to Hunter syndrome patients around the world, it has been introduced into eight South American and North African markets. Recently NDA was submitted in China, and it is currently under clinical trials in many countries as well.

Future Strategy
GC Pharma has been accumulating expertise in plasma derivatives, vaccines, and recombinant proteins. In the process, the company has made significant impact on treatment for patients and on public health. GC Pharma is now ready to maximize and upgrade the values of its existing products, and engage in strategic R&D activities to further strengthen its pipeline of products against a wider range of diseases.


  • Immunoglobulin Products
  • Hunter Syndrome Treatment
  • Varicella Vaccine
  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccine
  • Third-Generation Recombinant protein treatment for Hemophilia


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