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Global company leading the development of next-generation vaccines, therapeutics and biologics

GeneOne Life Science researches and develops next-generation biologics and new small molecule drugs.We are developing DNA vaccines against emergent and chronic viral diseases such as COVID-19, SFTS, CCHF, Powassan, MERS, Zika, and hepatitis C. We are also studying DNA-based protein drugs and DNA-based monoclonal antibodies that improve upon existing biopharmaceuticals.We are also developing two small molecule drugs, one that stimulates natural innate immunity to fight against upper respiratory diseases including sinusitis and a second anti-inflammatory molecule that is being developed for the treatment of uveitis and acute ischemic kidney disease. Both of these drugs have also shown remarkable potential in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and are currently being tested in clinical trials.GeneOne Life Science has continuously invested in innovative technologies through cooperation with multinational pharmaceutical companies and domestic · overseas research institutes, and is constantly striving to develop new drugs. We promise to contribute to maximizing shareholder value and promoting human health by establishing itself as a global company leading the development of new next-generation biologics.


Nucleic Acid Vaccines
Vaccines are a powerful tool to prevent infectious diseases.
GeneOne Life Science can rapidly develop its DNA vaccines.
GeneOne’s patented manufacturing technology, which has been developed over several years at VGXI, enables the rapid development and manufacture of large quantities of cGMP grade vaccine.
With the increasing occurrence of emerging new viral infectious diseases, GeneOne can leverage its nucleic acid-based vaccine platform to rapidly address new lethal diseases.

Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Our DNA plasmid technology enables in vivo expression of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies as therapeutic agents.
The target-specific gene inserts we design are optimized for stable expression within human cells. Each gene insert is carried within a DNA plasmid vector that has a long safety record and is the same DNA plasmid vector used for our DNA vaccines.
Naked DNA is non-immunogenic and numerous investigators have published that DNA does not integrate into the genome. In contrast, viral vectored vaccines and products have potential safety concerns, especially for immunosuppressed patients, and may not allow repeat courses of treatment due to an immune response against the viral vector.
DNA plasmid-mediated delivery of antibodies or recombinant proteins allows for in vivo production of these therapeutic molecules which obviates the need for the elaborate and costly manufacturing processes currently used to make them.

Small molecules
GeneOne is currently developing two small molecule drugs as treatments or preventives for infectious disease and immune modulation.

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