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The Novel Conceptual Drug Development through Innovative Research

ImmuneMed Inc. promises to become a world-trusted company based on creative high-tech intensive research and sound management. Our mission is on human health and welfare in terms of the treatment of incurable or obstinate diseases.

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  • Fast result within 15mins
  • 97.1% Sensivity and 95.7% Specificity
  • Specimen : 3μL of serum or plasma

Diagnostic Kits

  • Various acute febrile diseases (tsutsugamushi disease, leptospirosis, nephrotic syndrome hemorrhagic fever and dengue fever) were measured using a small amount of specimen (3 μl).
  • Identification of IgM and IgG at the same time to understand progress of the disease.
  • High specificity and sensitivity to rain in other diagnostic kits.
  • Technology development for simultaneous diagnosis kit (Acute Febrile Illness, AFI) that can diagnose the tsutsugamushi disease, leptospirosis and hemorrhagic fever with one test at the same time.
  • In vivo biomarkers were used to determine bioaccumulation of nerve agent poisoning, and developed multiple detection kit development technology that can simultaneously detect organophosphate toxins (sarin, sonan, Vx, and diazinon) with only one test.

Antiviral Agent(New Drug Division)

  • Expansion of indications of hzVSF through various virus-infected cell experiments
  • Continued clinical efficacy checks and feedback of hzVSF for the treatment of influenza and acute viral diseases
  • Nonclinical and clinical studies of hzVSF for the treatment of chronic viral diseases
  • Nonclinical and clinical studies for the development of therapeutic agents for skin diseases
  • Partner management and licensing-out for licensing


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