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Since its establishment in 1947, LG Chem has continuously achieved growth through endless challenges and innovations as Korea’s leading chemical company. From the durable cosmetic product lids to the top-notch batteries of unprecedented quality, LG Chem has turned dreams into reality to enrich the lives of our customers and humankind for the past 70 years.

Life Sciences is the company’s new growth engine in the mid to long term goal. The company has secured the differentiated R&D competence and has received the U.S. FDA approval for its new drugs for the first time in Korea.
The company has actively penetrated into the overseas market and has expanded the pipelines for developing new drugs with active investment in R&D. The company is doing its best to become one of the best global pharmaceutical companies.

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The LG Chem’s Life Sciences R&D has carried out research in synthetic drugs, biopharmaceuticals, and diagnostic agents to improve health and welfare of the humankind. It has also constantly invested in R&D and focused its capabilities in developing new bioproducts.
  • Synthetic Drugs :  Metabolic Diseases, Cancers
  • Biopharmaceuticals :  Biosimilars, Vaccines, Growth Hormones, Osteoarthritis Drugs, Fertility Drugs
  • Diagnostic Agents : Genetic Diagnostics


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