About Company

Based on integrity and open communication, Medytox is building excellent capacity and system to meet the global standard with commitment and courage.
Furthermore, we are endeavoring to reach $1 billion in sales, $10 billion in market value, and to become one of the world’s top 20 biopharmaceutical companies.

Medytox, a global biopharmaceutical company, is at the forefront of efforts to build a better future with ceaseless R&D.

Since the launch of botulinum toxin type A Meditoxin® in 2006 (trade name: Neuronox®, Siax®, Botulift®, Cunox®, Acebloc® and Meditoxin®), Medytox has shown a dramatic growth. Medytox reached nearly 40% of market share in Korea since 2009 and is expected to increase even further with various indications being included. The global botulinum toxin market continues to grow and is expected to further expand to not only medical aesthetics market but also therapeutic market. Medytox is stunning the world with high market share in the global botulinum market.
With the goal of penetrating to the US and Europe, we plan to exceed 10% of the market share in the global market along with the launch of the currently developing new type botulinum toxin products.
In the future, Medytox will grow as the leader of the biopharmaceutical industry by challenging ourselves with passion for the global market.

Core Values

With these 4 core values as the compass for navigating business, Medytox is working ceaselessly to secure its position as a global biopharmaceutical company that represents Korea.

  • Integrity
    With these 4 core values as the compass for navigating business, Medytox is working ceaselessly to secure its position as a global biopharmaceutical company that represents Korea.
  • Commitment & Courage
    We never stop challenging ourselves to make a better, more beautiful future by studying the time of humankind with dedication for greater achievements beyond expectations.
  • High standard & Pride
    We are proud of R&D accomplishments of ‘globally recognized biopharmaceutical development’ and equip ourselves with capacity and system suitable for global standard.
  • Open Communication
    We build up an open company culture to cooperate with people around the world to make achievements with flexible and open communication attitude of caring and understanding others.

R&D Vision

The best technology in botulinum toxin industry
After botulinum toxin researchers started the business in 2000, Korea’s first botulinum toxin medicine, Meditoxin®(trade name: Neuronox®, Siax® etc.) was approved by KFDA and launched in the market in 2006. Furthermore, Medytox developed a next-generation botulinum toxin pharmaceutical distinguished in its safety, efficacy, and stability.
When the next generation botulinum toxin enters the advanced markets such as the US and Europe, Medytox will go beyond Korea’s best botulinum toxin pharmaceutical corporation to become the world leader.

The best technology in aesthetic plastic surgery industry
After succeeding in developing botulinum toxin pharmaceuticals, Medytox developed a dermal filler, one of the major products in the aesthetic market. We succeeded in developing a filler using most biofriendly material hyaluronic acid and developed the manufacturing process and the analytical method and built GMP compliant facility for production.
Medytox successfully secured the botulinum toxin and the filler in global medical aesthetic industry to become the best company in the global aesthetic industry.

Global Biotech Company
Medytox has been working towards the vision of growing as a global biotech company. By utilizing infrastructure and biopharmaceutical development capacity built from botulinum toxin pharmaceutical development, we generate profit and reinvest it in developing innovative biopharmaceuticals. With the goal of success in developing new bio pharmaceuticals in the near future,we are cooperating with external R&D partners.
Medytox is continually growing as a global biotech company through continuous product development and investment.



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