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About Company

Onegene Biotechnology is a biological drug development company, which is specialized in multi-target therapeutics, treating complex and chronic diseases.

We have established protein-binding platform technology (named as UniStac) optimizing for multi-target therapeutic development and suggested new directions for findings and development of metabolic diseases, cancer immunotherapy, ant-inflammatory therapeutics, etc.

Furthermore, our goal is to provide a better life for people with chronic diseases with our multi-target innovative new drug pipelines.

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Onegene Biotechnology’s UniStac platform is an innovative protein conjugation technology that can combine more than two proteins, which are independently produced, with high efficiency. Unlike existing DNA level fusion, it can produce therapeutic recombinant proteins by post-translational fusion, therefore, it is an optimal platform technology for multi-target production of complicated proteins with large molecular weights. UniStac technology has 3 main features for the development of triple or more multi-specific recombinant protein development.


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