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About Company

PharmAbcine Inc. is a bio venture specialized in R&D of antibody treatment in the clinical stage and currently possesses core technologies such as potent antibody development technology using potent non-immune scFv phage display library, new-generation double target antibody production technology, and antibody production technology using cancer stem cell library. Since we were established in 2008 we have been

devoted to developing new cancer antibody drugs and laying a foundation for TTAC-0001 and PMC-001. We will constantly develop pipelines for sustainable growth with a vision to release a new global blockbuster bio drug by 2020 and become a global bioengineering company.

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  • Fully Human Antibody Library, HuPhage
  • Preparation of HuPhage Library
  • Biopanning technique
  • Dual Target Antibody Platform Technology
  • 3G Expression System for High Production Cell Line Development
  • AVATAR Mouse Model System using Patient-derived Cancer Stem Cells
  • Application of Core Technology


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