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About Company

Seegene tirelessly pursues innovation and takes on new challenges to build a better future for humanity.

With the development of proprietary high multiplex real-time PCR technologies,
Seegene has produced and delivered molecular diagnostics (MDx) products capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously.
Seegene’s products identify and provide a wide range of clinical information integral to diagnosis and care, enabling healthcare
professionals to select the best treatment in the early stages of disease.
Also, by opening a new paradigm of diagnostics in medicine/healthcare,
Seegene is playing a vital role in safeguarding humanity from diseases and allowing individuals to lead a healthy life.

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Seegene presents a new roadmap for standardization of molecular diagnostics and brings a healthier, better future.
Based on its efforts over the years – high multiplex real-time PCR technology, extensive expertise in product development, and
digitalized development system – Seegene aims to build a system that enables any patients to have access to MDx services at hospitals of any size at reasonable costs.


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