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Upon injury or infection, prokaryotic and/or eukaryotic cells release plethora of disorganized denatured molecules into tissue microenvironment. Many of them are water-insoluble, that clog capillaries, incur damages of cellular membrane and disturb tissue homeostasis. The water-insoluble molecules in living organisms need to be removed as soon as they appear in tissues. If not, they cause deleterious inflammation.

In the beginning, life on earth was created in the water. The battle between water-soluble and insoluble substances began when the lives advanced to the land. Water-insoluble molecules are the origin of foe. The immune system has piggy-backed on the system devastating water-insoluble aggregates. We study immunology and inflammation, taking biological solubility at the center of intricate immunological balance.

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New Approach to Inflammatory Diseases (Small Molecule)

  • Based on deep understanding of DAMPs (Damage Associated Molecular Patterns)
  • Targeting multi-modal, complex inflammatory diseases
  • Developing immune modulating molecules with strong efficacy and excellent safety profiles

Next Generation NanoMAb® Technology

  • Based on a wide array of nanobody libraries from immunized camelid
  • Focusing on new antigen targets
  • Developing nanobody-based cancer therapeutics with high affinity and low immunogenicity

From bispecific nanobodies to genetically conjugated Nanotoxin®

  • High-throughput cell line development
  • Targeted integration into hot-spot chromatin structure
  • Multi-targeting with stable protein structure


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