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Under the management philosophy of “For the health of the people”. Shin Poong,Ltd. specializes in manufacturing remedy drugs with sincere efforts put into producing every single tablet of life-saving drugs ranging from ingredients to finished products based on our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and quality assurance system.

We are committed to realizing the spirit of Shin Poong 3V(Vision, Venture and Victory) with top-notch competitiveness based on in-house ingredient synthesizing technologies obtained through rigorous R&D efforts and to futher developing the company into the one that receives confidence from our customers and that contributes to promoting the wellbeing of human beings.

Shin Poong Pharm.Co.,Ltd. will sustain its efforts to contribute to promoting public health of people around the world by globalizing domestic pharmaceutical products while fulfiling the corporate goals of developing cutting-edge technologies for public health of our people to become the world class Shin Poong.

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In the days when various diseases such as parasites, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted diseases were spreading, we developed various insecticides below mebendazole by developing strategy of insect repellent which is the essential medicine of the times, and developed secondly the mass production and manufacturing method of Praziquantel synthesis, contribute

NSAIDs “Loxoprofen Sodium” Second in the world. Anticancer drugs “Doxifluridine” Successful mass production of raw materials for the first time in Korea. Successful mass production of various raw material medicines. For the Health of the People with the Dignity and Prudence.

Recognized as an essential drug in the age together with anthelmintic, we have completed the mass production and finished product for main antibiotic development strategy, and established a factory dedicated to cephalosporin antibiotics.

Innovative Products
CandeAmlo(Candesartan + Amlodipine) and EzeRosu(Ezetimibe + Rosuvastatine), which are developed. They are anti-hypertensive drugs with improved efficacy, reduced side effects and convenience of medication.

Pyramax is an anti-malarial drug that has been registered with EMA in cooperation with MMV. It will be a milestone in the development history of anti-malarial drugs, including the advantages of excellent effects and dosing methods.


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