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About Company

SK Biopharmaceuticals commenced research and development of new drugs in 1993 as part of our search for the next-generation growth engine of SK Group. The exciting ascent of SK Biopharmaceuticals began with opening the company’s first Investigational New Drug Application (IND) with the FDA the clinical trial of a new candidate drug substance in 1996. Since then, the company has focused on the development of treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders and accomplished the following milestones: The company became ▲the first Korean company independently develop an investigational anti-epileptic drug through to an FDA approval (cenobamate), ▲a company that has made a successful out-licensing deal to commercialize its investigational anti-epileptic drug in Europe (cenobamate), ▲the first Korean company to discover and develop a compound to treat a CNS disorder, which was licensed out, and eventually approved by the FDA and EMA (solriamfetol). In addition, the company recently began research for the development of drugs to treat brain tumors, including metastatic tumors, based on our experience accumulated in research and development of treatments for brain disorders.

SK Biopharmaceuticals aims to grow into a Fully Integrated Global Pharmaceutical Company (Global FIPCO), equipped with an entire value chain ranging from development and manufacturing to commercialization via our own sales and marketing organization.

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SKL library CNS-focused chemical library

The library is a repository of diverse candidate drug
substances targeting central nervous system disorders

Drug Design Technology

Explore compounds efficiently using the deep learning-based
compound design AI platform specialized to the central nervous system

Phenotypic Screening Platform

The platform holds numerous cell / animal screening models with
high clinical connectivity for central nervous system disorders

Drug Process Development

Capability for processing of raw materials ranging from designing
of water-insoluble drug to registration for new drug approval application

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