About Company

We are total phamra company which established in 1992 located in Korea and SME, our starting buisness is trading finished products and APIs, but now moving to promote our own items (mainly, Hydrogel Patch Lines and ODFs) more and more. We are exporting more than 30 countries under closer relationship with partners and we have strong R&D and RA team.

We are also doing license-in and out business for Pharma Industry, and distributing pharma raw materials for korean customers.

In recent, we have established an office (called, WooShin Hungary KFT) in Budapest/Hungary for more strengthern of marketing and open a pharma manufacturing site (called, Wooshin Lapache) in Grosulje/Slovenia which mainly producing phamra based hydrogel patches.

Website : http://www.wooshinmed.com/en/


Medicinal Line

  • Medicinal Patch Line
  • Medicinal ODF Line
  • Medicinal ODT Line


  • Dual Hydra Eye Care Patch
  • Seaweed Facial Care Patch


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