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About Company

Yungjin Pharm. Co., Ltd was established in 1952, has been playing a major role as a forerunner in the Korean pharmaceutical industry for half a century. With our inspiring mission statement, “To relieve the suffering of mankind from diseases with our innovative, effective and safe pharmaceutical products”, we have shown our successful contribution not only within Korea, but also through global expansion. As a result, we have received a total of 25 awards including the President Award for Superior Product Development, the Prime Minister Award, Industry Award and many more. These accomplishments demonstrate our sustainability and commitment to the development of innovative products and business excellence in both overseas and domestic segments.

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Our R&D department conduct research and development to effectively respond to rapidly shifting pharmaceutical markets.

We strive to target fields that have high unmet medical needs to conduct research for new innovative drugs, generics and incrementally-modified drugs(IMDs) to potentiate YJP’s value among global pharmaceutical trends.

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