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Hankook Chinaware is Korea’s No. 1 chinaware manufacturer, producing authentic bone china for over 70 years.

Hankook Chinaware has extended Korea’s reputation for excellent porcelain thanks to its continued design, products, and quality improvement.

Hankook Chinaware’s popularity extends beyond Korea, as Hankook Chinaware exports its products to over 80 countries.

Hankook Chinaware Co., Ltd. was founded in 1943 and is based in Cheongju-City, South Korea. Hankook Chinaware’s bone china products are produced domestically using natural raw Materials (Bone Ash) and strict and rigorous refining process.

Especially, Hankook Chinaware uses the natural raw material, Bone Ash, at a level higher than the international standard (close to 50% of bone ash included). Hankook Chinaware’s bone-china products are light and hard, have excellent transparency and warmth, and is recognized worldwide.

The bone of ‘Bone-china’ means bone, and China means pottery bowl. Bone-china means a bowl made of bone. China’s ceramics spread over Europe on the Silk Road, and were named through Europeans, and the ‘precious vessels from China’ became china (General noun for this bowls). Beginning in the UK, Bone-china is produced throughout Europe, the United States and Asia, but different acceptance criteria vary from country to country.

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