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Since 1963, during the past half-century, Kwangjuyo Group has invested on the ‘value‘ of high-quality Korean food culture. Our long-standing philosophy says that no matter how great a tradition is the actual vitality comes from the breath of the contemporary having the successive meaning to it.

Kwangjuyo Group has changed the scenery of a Korean household dining table by declaring the popularization of everyday porcelain tableware through the technology of reproducing the lost legacy of Buncheong Porcelain (grayish-blue-powdered celadon), Koryo Celadon, and Chosun White Porcelain. Kwangjuyo presented visions of Korean food cultural business by introducing a high-end hansik (Korean cuisine) restaurant that comes with high-quality hansik and traditional liquor on exclusive tableware.

Without any advertisement or publicity, only by the name of ‘Kwangjuyo‘ and the products and services from it, we have grown successfully with the power of satisfied customers. The challenges of Kwangjuyo Group continues as an enterprise that increases the value of Korean dining culture in the world, and as an enterprise that creates culture, a ‘value‘ that passes on from one generation to another.

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