Rice Cake

Rice cake is a general term for food made by grinding, steaming, boiling, or frying grains in oil. Generic term for rice cakes made by steaming grain flour in a steamer, steaming in a steamer and then beating it on a tray, pancakes made by roasting sodain, and dumplings made by kneading flour to shape it, then boil it and put it on an empty plate.

Judging from the Bronze Age siru excavated from Odong, Hoeryeong-gun, and Najin-si, Chodo shellchong, it is presumed that the early sirutteok was steamed rice with grains in it. The siru at this time seems to be a steaming device and a cooking device, not a cooking appliance used every day. With the spread and spread of paddy rice in the early period of the Three Kingdoms period, rice production increased and hard earthenware such as shiru became widely distributed. It was around this time that sirutteok spread and spread among the people, so it can be said that siru rice cakes in the Bronze Age were exclusive to the ruling class.

It is speculated that the first thing that appeared after the first rice cake form, jiebab, was the form of steamed rice cake made with rice flour. Experts believe that rice cakes using red bean paste may have been created along with the introduction of red beans. Rice cake is a historical product of living together with our people while establishing itself as the most precious ancestral food.

+ref  Korean Folklore Encyclopedia



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