Enuma® creates exceptional learning solutions that allow all children to gain confidence and independence while building foundational skills. The name Enuma comes from the word enumerate, or to name one by one, which underscores our commitment to every child’s individual success, including children with special needs or without resources.

Enuma’s notable products include Todo Math and Todo English with over 8 million downloads worldwide, along with Kitkit School, which was named a winner of the Global Learning XPRIZE competition in 2019.

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Todo Math
Todo Math is a best-selling, widely beloved math learning app that covers early childhood to 2nd grade (including multiplication). Todo Math supports 8 languages and have more than 8 million downloads worldwide.
Children can choose from over 700 activities that span numbers and counting, abstract reasoning, time, money and geometry. Skill building is reinforced by Daily Adventures and Missions.

Todo English
Todo English is a comprehensive English as Foreign Language program for young learners who live in non-English-speaking countries. Currently, it is available in Korea and China.
This program offers everyday learning courses with videos, game-based learning courses, and books. In some countries, this service also includes daily and weekly learning progress reports via messenger chatbot and email, and monthly paper-based supplemental worksheets.

Kitkit School
Kitkit School is a tablet-based learning suite with a comprehensive curriculum that spans early childhood through early elementary. It is designed to provide children with the foundations and practice needed to build fundamental skills in literacy and numeracy regardless of access to school or resources.

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