Riiid leads the paradigm shift in the education market with AI technology.

‘Riiid’ /rēd/
1. To “remove” or “liberate,” comes from the root word “rid.”
2. Removing barriers to the three “I”s in learning: ”Inefficiency,” “Inequality,” and “Inconsistency”
1. AI-based tutor providing highly-customized solutions to users

Through Riiid’s AI technology, individual students gain access to a personalized AI tutor, surpassing human tutors in learning efficiency at a fraction of the cost. We promote individual and institutional access to high-quality education.

Creative Destruction
Riiid’s AI engine is disrupting the global test-prep market.

Global Standard
Riiid will standardize AI technology on the global test-prep market.
R.Inside will be the best option for companies’ AI tutor solutions. No computer manufacturer reinvents the CPU by itself, like no automobile company reinvents the wheel.

Paradigm Shift
Riiid is leaving current educational paradigms in the dust. AI tutoring is a substitute, not complimentary. We’ll tell the next generation stories about the old days, when we had workbooks and internet lectures.
Riiid doesn’t just talk about our vision. We lead the paradigm shift with real results.

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Santa TOEIC is the AI-based web/mobile learning platform for TOEIC. AI tutor provides a one-on-one curriculum, effectively increasing scores based on the essential questions and lectures for each user.

Santa SAT
Santa SAT is the first global example of Riiid’s AI tutor delivering value, proven by Santa TOEIC. The web-based solution provides optimal learning routes for users to quickly increase SAT scores by analyzing their weaknesses.

Santa TOEIC Japan
Santa TOEIC Japan was launched in April 2019 and has since shown similar test score improvements to those in Korea. It’s proof Riiid’s AI tutor offers the most efficient learning tool in different geographical markets.

Santa Realtor
Santa Realtor is an AI-based mobile learning platform for Licensed Real Estate Agent Examination. We provide the most optimized learning curriculum to the users, with accurate assessment of the user’s ability and efficient methods of concept iterations.

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