SmartStudy is a global entertainment company.
Moving beyond the limits of traditional media platforms, we create original content and enable audiences everywhere to enjoy it through technology.

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Pinkfong develops creative, animated content to provide stimulating and fun learning experiences to children worldwide. More than 4,000 Pinkfong songs, stories and games are available on mobile apps and various digital platforms such as YouTube and Amazon Video. Pinkfong’s original television series is also currently in production.

Monster Super League
Globally launched in September 2016, SmartStudy’s first mobile role-playing game (RPG), Monster Super League, allows players to collect and train monsters to save the world of Latecia from the forces of chaos. The adventure game ranked No. 1 on the Apple App Store in Korea and Japan immediately after the release, and was selected as Google Play’s Hot Issue Game and MMOSITE’s Best RPG.

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