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“Can the underprivileged 99% receive the same opportunities given to only the blessed 1%?”
We believe that everything we create can provide the opportunity to change someone’s life.

ST is an abbreviation of ‘Sling sTone’ which David used in his battle to defeat Goliath.
We have been creating numerous educational contents which act as sling stones. We not only perform with a sense of duty and pride but also create innovative contents with the intent of building a company that can make the world a better place.

Our definition of a great company is not a profitable company, but a company that has great and bold visions and is willing to take risks in order to achieve that vision. We oftentimes need to look beyond profit-seeking to create a better world. Achieving such visions requires cooperation with other companies who share the same vision as well as non-profit organizations, social enterprises, governments, and global organizations. We aspire to achieve great goals with partners who share our vision.

We intend make the world a better place through our innovative solutions.

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