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‘Easy Korean Academy’ has been preparing to announce foreign learners ‘Korean as a Foreign Language’ as well as Korean culture since 1995 when there were only little or almost no interests in Korean culture or art by foreigners. With hundreds of Korean language textbooks written in English, Japanese and Chinese, not so many of them were quite satisfactory, we have launched a ‘Textbook as of foreign language’, so-called ‘Easy Korean’, which foreign learners could systematically and easily study Korean language with. Backed up with some great feedback, we also had a chance to export many different countries.

As so, Easy Korean Academy provides Korean language education system for the leading companies and also operates excellent regular Korean courses, Korean short term and intensive courses, Korean private lessons, Korean conversation intensive courses, Korean pronunciation courses, TOPIK classes and Online lessons. Teachers in charge of each course also have professional qualifications for ‘Korean Language Education as a Foreign Language’ and teach according to the purpose of the learner.

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