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Rolling Korea Language School was founded in 2012 to teach Korean to foreigners. Since then, we have developed unique educational content and activities to provide the best experience for our students. Our program ensures an equal focus on learning Korean and experiencing Korean culture so that our students can make the most of their time in Korea.

Compared to other Korean language schools, our curriculum weighs heavily on the practical Korean learning experience. Learning a language from a textbook is not enough. We believe the fastest way to master a language is to get much practice with proper feedback. Afternoon social programs and activities will offer you the perfect opportunities to learn Korean in a friendly environment.

Our main goal is to make your Korean fluent. With our comfortable facility, friendly staff, and professional instructors, we here at Rolling Korea Korean Language School guarantee you a successful learning experience.

Over the last seven years, many students from all over the world have come to Rolling Korea to learn Korean.

Your continuous support brought us where we are right now, and you are the reason we can move forward. We will stay humble, not forgetting how it all started, and focus on your successful Korean language learning experience.

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3F Daesang bldg. 19, World cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea


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