Samyang Ramen

Since 1963

Samyang, the origin of ramen, faithful to the basics. Representative brand Samyang Ramen

September 15, 1963 The history of ramen opens.

I eat ramyun as a light meal now, but when Samyang Ramen was first introduced in 1963, It was a time when there were still many people suffering from hunger in Korea.
In the early 1960s, Samyang Food founder Jeon Joong-yun happened to pass by Namdaemun Market.
When I saw people lined up in a long line to buy honey porridge for 5 in a bowl, He was determined to solve the hunger of the common people.

First Ramen released

Chairman Jeon Joong-yun recalled that he ate ramen when he visited Japan in the past.
After much deliberation, he thought that this was the only way to solve the food problem.
At that time, he persuaded the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the head of the government, to borrow 50,000 dollars from Japan.
Myeongseong Foods  introduced machinery and technology from Myojo, finally on September 15, 1963
Ramen was launched for the first time in Korea.
Despite the objection of the executives and staff that there would be a loss, the price of ramen was released at 10 won.
It was intended to alleviate the hunger of the common people.

The evolution of wrapping paper

‘Samyang Ramyun,’ which was released for the first time in Korea in 1963 and has been
The wrapping paper started in the early 1970s with a design that embodies a picture of a chicken at the time.
It has been replaced with a red circle on an orange background, which is the same pattern as the current one.
While maintaining the unique image of Samyang Ramen, it has a modern sensibility.
It has been constantly redecorated to deliver.

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Brand : Samyang

About us

Making a big mark in the domestic food industry with passion and belief in ‘Ramen’
Samyang Foods, founded in 1961, has been walking a single path in the food industry as a company that pursues ‘honesty and credibility’.
The pioneering spirit that contains the spirit of the founder to open the era of human beings with food is Samyang Food’s message to the people.
It has laid the foundation for becoming a trusted company.
Samyang Foods will do its best to make safe and healthy food with passion and challenge.

September 1963, the first instant noodle production in Korea
In the 1960s, the only staple food, rice and grains, was insufficient, and the belt was tightened.
To overcome the food shortage, Samyang Foods produced ‘Samyang Ramyun’ for the first time in Korea in 1963.
Since then, ramyun has established itself as a second staple food.

improvement of eating habits
In the early 1970s, the prospect of self-sufficiency in stocks became clear and the national economy began to grow rapidly.
As we were repeatedly liberated from hunger, Samyang Foods was committed to improving our eating habits.
took the lead.
In the Daegwallyeong Highlands area, 6 million pyeong of mountain land was developed and grassland was created.
By promoting livestock in mountainous areas, we strive to advance dietary life to improve public health.
It played a big role.

Establishment of Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch and the belief that good materials should be used
Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch serves as a major source of raw materials for Samyang Food.
We are self-sufficient in meat such as beef for ramen soup.
Raising cows in the fresh air and wide grasslands
We were able to produce high-quality dairy products.
general food company
Samyang Foods uses high-quality natural raw materials to enhance its products and differentiate its taste and nutrition.
We are supplying excellent food with Korean and traditional taste.

Samyang Foods is working with food-related subsidiaries.

Samyang Naturals is a stable supply of various agricultural and marine products such as green onion, garlic, sesame, red pepper, and seafood, which are raw materials for ramen soup.
Samyang Ranch is located in Daegwallyeong, Gangwon-do, at an altitude of 850m to 1,400m.
We supply fresh beef and milk.

Samyang Foods has been certified by not only domestic organizations (HACCP) but also world-class accredited organizations (KOLAS, ISO22000, HALAL).
A thorough quality control system has been established so that consumers can trust and eat.

Samyang Food, leading K-Food
Especially in China and Southeast Asia
‘Buldak-bokkeum-myeon’ is gaining explosive popularity,
It has established itself as a major brand leading K-Food.

So that Buldak Fried Noodles can grow into a global brand.
Character Marketing Department using Samyang Food’s representative character ‘Hochi’
We are strengthening local publicity and marketing of Buldak series products.

※ Major exporting countries

* Noodles/Snacks
– Americas: USA, Canada, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile
– Asia: China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam
– Europe : Sweden, UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands
– Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, Samoa
– Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates

* Dairy products – Asia: China

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