Dosirac Noodles

Doshirak (Korean: 도시락) is a brand of cup ramyeon produced by Paldo in South Korea since 1986. Its literal translation means ‘lunchbox’.

Since the 1990s when it was first introduced to the market, it has become one of the most popular brand of instant noodles in Russia. It was branded as Dosirak when it was first sold in Russia, but after it was discovered that it sounds unpleasant in the Russian language it was rebranded.

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Brand : Paldo

About us

We started in 1983 with our Instant noodle business, pioneering the era of high quality instant noodle, diversified into the beverage business and logistics business in 1995. Since 1987, We opened new outlets in the overseas market to Satisfy their needs under the PALDO brand. We have seen great success especially in Russia, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Germany etc. Our Dosirac square noodle occupy a large portion of the Russian instant noodle market, elevating our national prestige. Our main export products include all type of instant noodle, various types of beverage, traditional foodstuffs which cover above 70 overseas countries.

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