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Down in the Gwangjang Market alley, Buchon Yukhoe is right there at the corner alley. Established in 1965, the place opened and named as Buchon Sikdang. Since 1980, they serve raw beef and Galbi tang which is short rib soup. First, they served a typical Jeollado style dish of raw beef mixed with red pepper paste, but they changed the recipe mixed with sesame oil and Asian pear. Receiving fresh raw beef every morning to serve the best dish to customers. Not only a raw beef they serve but also raw beef bibimbap and a raw beef cold soup they serve.


Buchon Yukhoe

09:00-22:30 (Break Time 16:00-17:00) / Closed: Tuesday



200-12 Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea


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