Banana Flavored Milk

Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk is No. 1 processed milk with its unique taste and bottle shape to be loved by everyone. Try our Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk, as known as jar milk, to fill your warm heart!

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Brand : Binggrae

About us

Established in 1967, Binggrae has contributed to the advancement of the food industry of the Republic of Korea through continuous challenges and innovation. Binggrae has enjoyed great support from customers through popular but unparalleled products that everyone enjoys, such as ‘Banana Flavored Milk’, ‘Together Ice Cream’, ‘Yoplait Yogurt’, and ‘Melona Ice Bar.’

Based on this history, Binggrae will make further innovations and new challenges toward the vision of becoming a ‘Great Company.’ Binggrae will develop food technologies and products to lead the future market and expand into business models that will benefit customers, business partners, and us.

Binggrae has already been developing overseas markets based on our excellent product portfolio and brands that have been successful in domestic markets.

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