Honey Twist Snacks

Sweeter with Korean acacia honey, more pleasant with funny shape.

+ref  NongShim Honey Twist Snacks

Brand : NongShim

About us

Exporting ramyun into LA since 1971, Nongshim established the Nongshim America as a foreign corporate in 1994. Its LA Plant started its operation in 2005, currently producing 500 million products per year. Recently, Nongshim successfully advanced into the mainstream markets including Wal-Mart and Costso. In order to promote Shin Brand to the youth, our future customers, Nongshim is actively promoting through social media, various events, tasting events, sports marketing, K-Culture marketing such as K-POP and K-FOOD, Hollywood movies, TV soap opera PPL, media PR and other different marketing and promotion activities.

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