Choco Pie

Orion Choco Pie Now bigger and tastier

World’s beloved Choco Pie has gotten 10% bigger.
13% more chocolate More chewy marshmallows, still with 0% fat More moist and softer texture.
Choco Pie is not only the best selling product of Orion, but also has been the undisputed number one of its kind in Korea since its launch in 1974.
It is currently exported to over 60 countries treating the palates of millions of consumers around the world.

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Brand : ORION

About us

Evolving from a confectionery maker into a global total food company!

The year 2020 will be the year in which Orion accelerates its new business to evolve from a confectionery maker into a global total food player.

Since our establishment in 1956, we have led the world confectionery industry for 64 years by offering customers high-quality products that are always tasty and popular based on our founding vision of “making food with the most honest mindset.” Now we are laying the foundations for becoming a global total food company, while also retaining our commitment to honesty and transparency and the manufacture and sale of high-quality products based on ethical management.

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