Kkobuk Chip

It maximizes crispiness through 4 thin chips that overlap each other. It is the first 4 layers Snacks in the korean market. The best characteristic is rich texture because it makes feeling of eating several chip for only one bite. It is also fun Snacks which imitate turtle shell.

There are 3 flavors of Kkobuk Chip. The first is deep and savory ‘Corn soup’, the 2nd is popular Korean classic dessert ‘Sweet injeolmi’ and the 3th is rich chocolate added ‘chocolate churros’.”

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Brand : ORION

About us

Evolving from a confectionery maker into a global total food company!

The year 2020 will be the year in which Orion accelerates its new business to evolve from a confectionery maker into a global total food player.

Since our establishment in 1956, we have led the world confectionery industry for 64 years by offering customers high-quality products that are always tasty and popular based on our founding vision of “making food with the most honest mindset.” Now we are laying the foundations for becoming a global total food company, while also retaining our commitment to honesty and transparency and the manufacture and sale of high-quality products based on ethical management.

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