It is the philosophy of KwangcheonKim with 3 basic principles (Best Raw Material, Optimal Production Environment, & The Spirit Of Best Customer Satisfaction Creation) of 50 years’ tradition & Know-how, And It contains the ideology & belief to makes Kwangcheonkim Co.,Ltd. 1st leader of Korea and possible to advance to 60 countries.

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Brand : KwangcheonKim

About us

It is Seaweed(Kim)’s representative brand for 50 years of history.

‘My family Eats, Doesn’t Consumer’, ‘Customer is family’

KwangcheonKim Co.,Ltd. is a company that keeps its philosophy about 50 years together in one mind.

In order to bring the sanitary & fresh quality products to the dining table for Our Beloved Family,

KwangcheonKim Co.,Ltd. is always doing our best for thorough quality control by HACCP, ISO22000, etc. to makes it the safest and best.

so that Kwangcheonkim Co.,Ltd. keep the promises to produce sanitary & fresh products.

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