Laver BUGAK is Namwon’s traditional food that the old kings enjoyed. Our YEMIDAM Laver BUGAK is mixed with the broth prepared with 9 kinds of agricultural products including noodles, shrimp, kelp, radish, onion, shiitake mushrooms and others in the glutinous rice paste, and it is a nutritious Snacks for children that the glutinous rice paste is put on the eco-Friendly no-acid lavers of Jangheung and is well dried.

We do our best in terms of taste and nutrition to produce fresh and deep-seated broth without using chemical seasoning.

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About us

YEMIDAM is a company that plays with the taste and nutrition of the meat broth of our agricultural and marine products and is doing its best to protect our family and health. We are doing our best to make delicious, clean and nutritious products with special mission in this age when reliable food that can be eaten is disappearing. YEMIDAM is a sincere and honest company that keeps on being developed through the taste and technology development of products and is a growing company that won the best prize of Jeonbuk Agricultural Products Processing Contest in 2014.

YEMIDAM is leading the good food culture of the times by producing MIDMAE BUGAK made of meat broth breWed from domestic materials and glutinous rice paste, and it is a healthy growing company that is currently promising as a global export company beyond the domestic sales such as government offices, local food, Mart, online malls, etc.


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