DSME’s vessels are highly appreciated for their finest quality in the world’s shipbuilding market where established major players in the world economy such as Europe and America compete.

Satisfied with superior technology, on-time delivery and dedicated people who spare no effort to meet customer’s needs, major oil producers come back with follow-up orders once having ordered large-scale offshore platforms from DSME.

3 employees and the side view of a large vessel on the sea
Started in 1973 at Okpo Bay, Geoje Island, located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, the shipyard of DSME was completed in 1981. DSME has since grown into the world’s premium shipbuilding and offshore contractor who is specialized in building various vessels, offshore platforms, drilling rigs, FPSO/FPUs, submarines, and destroyers.
The shipyard which spans an area of 4.9 million meters squared encompasses the world’s largest dock with a million-ton capacity and is optimized for building high-tech motor vessels using cutting-edge equipment, including a 900-ton goliath crane.
DSME manufactures high-quality products based on its vast IT expertise, well-managed shipbuilding technologies, superb fixed-platform construction capacities, large-scale project management know-how, and submarine/destroyer construction technologies.

Since reborn as an independent company in October 2000, DSME has been creating a corporate culture on the core values of Trust and Passion.
DSME defines “trust” as building partnerships and confidence with colleagues and within the organization through mutual respect and consideration, winning customer loyalty by honesty and promise-keeping, and strengthening trust between the employees and the company through transparent management.
DSME defines “passion” as completing each task with determination and persistence, being responsible for one’s actions with a sense of ownership, seeking continuous improvement for higher values instead of being complacent, and spreading the wings of self-actualization.

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Commercial Ships
DSME maintains and further strengthens its competitiveness in the shipbuilding industry through continuous efforts to integrate the world’s leading technologies and methods into its work processes and end products. Utilizing 900 ton goliath cranes at its No.1 and 2 docks to maximize design and production efficiency with the world’s three largest floating docks, DSME provides its customers with top quality vessels including LNG Carriers, FSRU, Ultra Large Containerships, VLCC, ULOC and VLGC.

As the world best EPCIC contractor, DSME has been providing total solutions to our valuable clients for a wide range of offshore oil and gas development projects
As a TOP-TIER EPCIC CONTRACTOR, DSME has experienced in executing a wide range of offshore products such as Fixed Platforms, TLPs, FPUs and FPSOs as well as Drillships, Semi- Submersible Rigs, Jack-up Rigs, and modular plants with project management skills proven through its successful completion of large scale offshore projects. In addition to convention offshore projects, DSME is capable to deliver newly developed facilities including FLNG, de-commissioning vessels and FSPP etc.

DSME combines its expertise in commercial ship newbuilding and wide knowledge of offshore project execution to fabricate offshore support vessels with high capacity. It has forged a proven track record of constructing large complex OSVs such as Platform Decommissioning, Heavy Lift Construction and S-Lay/J-Lay/Flexible Pipelay Vessels that serve various functions in the offshore energy industry.

Naval Ships & Passenger Ships
DSME is a leading contractor for turn-key naval projects, such as stateof-the-art submarines, surface combatants and auxiliary vessels. Beyond delivery, we also provide a variety of support solutions including training and integrated logistics support (ILS).

DSME has built a variety of ferries for international owners, from fast ferries to the highest class luxury semi-cruisers, and earned acclaims for the quality and adaptability of its products. In 2012, DSME delivered ‘Tanit’, the world’s first vessel to fully satisfy the “Safe Return to Port (SRtP)” requirements, to a Tunisian government company (Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation). The vessel was selected as ‘Significant Ship of 2012’ by Naval Architect and ‘Notable Newbuilding of 2012’ by Fairplay Solutions.


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