Since its foundation in 1989, EcoBio Holdings continues to promote and expand Bioenergy and Bio sulfur business to become one of the world’s leading companies in the global renewable energy sector.

Ecobio Holdings run the world’s largest public-private partnered Landfill gas station in Incheon.

Seeking for external benefits and maximizing the utility of LFG, we have transformed natural gas into newly developed and environmentally friendly Bio sulfur.

This newly created substance; what we call Biosulfa has been recognized by various institutions including the government for its quality and safeness. Through the partnership, we were able to build the world’s’ first mass-production system for Biosulfa.

Moreover, we continuously strive to enhance Biosulfa through systematic research and development. We aim to deliver the very best quality products and expand our presence in the global market.

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R&D Activities

Bio-sulfur product development
Organic agricultural materials, Plant growth promoters, Pet supplies, Quasi-drugs

Bio-sulfur characterization study
Research on plant and crop application Efficacy of pest and insect management

Government R&D project
evelopment of bio sulfur conversion technology Development of eco-friendly alternative materials for golf courses treatment process improvement study etc.

Bio-sulfur high value product
Organic agricultural materials Plant growth promoters Pet supplies, Commercialization of quasi-drugs

Diversification of biogas business
Biogas Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Biogas city gasification project

Waste-to-energy (Upcycling)
Biogas resource development business Organic Waste Energy Project Environmental Plant Manufacturing Business

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