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Formed as a standalone company in 2015 and with origins that date back more than three decades, Hanon Systems is an established global automotive supplier of eco-friendly and high-efficiency thermal and energy management solutions.

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Key Product Lines

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
To address the demands of today’s marketplace, Hanon Systems applies its long history of HVAC design and manufacturing to offer a suite of solutions that satisfy an increasing range of requirements by global automakers to optimize performance, improve fuel efficiency, and deliver the occupant’s sense of comfort and cleanliness.

Powertrain cooling
Vehicle powertrain technology is rapidly and increasing in complexity. Hanon Systems is well-equipped to support OEM requirements with exact precision across its broad
range of powertrain cooling solutions. From conventional and turbo-charged internal combustion engines (ICEs) to electrified propulsion, Hanon Systems has the powertrain cooling solutions automakers need to address size, efficiency, weight and fuel economy requirements.

The compressor is the heart of a vehicle’s air conditioning system, which circulates refrigerant at a high temperature and pressure to the condenser. Hanon Systems has decades of experience developing and manufacturing compressors for the automotive industry. With a portfolio of three distinct types of eco-friendly and highly-efficient compressors – fixed rotary suction, variable displacement and electric scroll – Hanon Systems is uniquely positioned to support nearly any vehicle application.

Fluid transport
Hanon Systems is an expert in handling various automotive refrigerants – including CO2 (R744) – and is global leader in fluid transport solutions. The company offers a complete portfolio of refrigerant lines; coolant (water/glycol) lines; accumulators; accumulators combined with internal heat exchangers for CO2; internal heat exchangers (IHX); and associated metal seal fittings.

Thermal and Emissions
Legislation continues to drive global automakers to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy with the introduction of stringent standards on vehicle manufacturers in order to sell vehicles in certain markets. Hanon Systems offers a portfolio of thermal and emissions solutions that are specifically designed to help automakers meet these legislative challenges with conventional powertrains, while also supporting the growing need for alternative powertrain solutions.

Hybrid and Electric vehicles thermal solutions
The era of hybrid and electric vehicles is here with automakers concentrating efforts to introduce new electrified and eco-friendly vehicles. Equipped with high performance and high efficiency parts, these new energy vehicles incorporate more electrical and electronic componentry than ever before, making the vehicle thermal management strategy an important aspect in the design process. Hanon Systems is well-positioned with a suite of thermal and energy management solutions for electrified vehicles that can maintain the optimal operating temperatures of this componentry, and also deliver comfort, improve cabin air quality and enhance powertrain efficiency.

Fuel cell vehicle technologies
A fuel cell vehicle, which uses hydrogen as its fuel and emits no exhaust gas, is noted as an ideal car to satisfy the requirements of the global environment. Hanon Systems is in production with advanced solutions to support this next generation vehicle architecture.

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