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In the early 1980s, Daelim Engineering Co., Ltd., one of the leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) contractors in Korea, (hereinafter referred to as “Daelim”) extended the scope of its business area to include the design and supply of process fired heaters/furnaces and has become one of the major fired heater suppliers not only in Korea but also on the world-wide market.

In 1998, Daelim split off its fired heater division to form a new independent company, and its furnace engineers started running their own business under the name of JNK Heaters Co., Ltd. ( “JNK” ). JNK is the successor of Daelim’s fired heater division, and all past experience and technology have been accordingly passed on. After its establishment, JNK has performed various projects successfully and maintained superior competitiveness in the global market based on the cutting edge technology related to all aspects of fired heaters.

With such a strong technical background, JNK devised a state-of-the-art project management system and various simulation programs. JNK is able to provide various services such as feasibility studies, process design (thermal & mechanical design), basic & detailed engineering, project management, procurement, shop fabrication & quality control, field erection, supervision & start-up services of process fired heaters/furnaces equipped with full guarantees.

Our major product lines are as follows:

– Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) Heaters
– Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) Heaters
– Catalytic Reforming Heaters
– Hydrotreater Heaters
– Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) Heaters
– Hydro Cracker Heater
– Pyrolysis Furnaces
– Steam Superheaters
– Reboilers
– Steam/Hydrogen Reformers
– Hot Oil Heaters

JNK also specializes in fully satisfying its customers by modifying, revamping and expanding on existing fired heaters using the most economical and practical design methods based on our areas of expertise which are as follows:

– Compact & economical designs
– Strict quality control and supervision
– Delivery within a short timeframe
– Modular construction
– Prompt post-installation service
– Adherence to local regulations and international codes and standards regarding design and supply

As a long-term growth engine, JNK Heaters Co., Ltd. is in line with the Republic of Korea government policies: fine dust response and renewable energy policies. Therefore, the company is actively working on on-site hydrogen refueling station through natural gas and LPG reforming.

The firm is striving to develop hydrogen manufacturing facilities in cooperation with public and private enterprises. JNK Heaters Co., Ltd. has recently made business partnership with Xebec, a Canadian company with bio-gas refining technology, which lead JNK Heaters Co., Ltd. to secure additional hydrogen production using bio-gas refining. Our company plans to commercialize differentiated hydrogen production technology by applying the technology which made cooperation with the authority of plasma technology. As the supply of hydrogen cars has emerged into the national critical criteria, the demand and market share of hydrogen production facilities in our company are expected to increase.

Since Listed on the Korea Exchange KOSDAQ Market on January 31, 2011, JNK Heaters Co., Ltd. have been preparing to take next step as a competitive company through transparent and open management in the global era. Our company prepares to step up as a global leading company in Fired Heaters and Hydrogen production facilities fields by developing the technology through continuous R&D and training of human resourse.

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Process Fired Heaters

Fired Heaters in Oil & Petrochemical Plants.
Plants consist of Oil Refining, Petrochemical, Ethylene, Gas&Oil, LNG and so on, and each plant needs various fired Heaters specialized in. Several Fired Heaters are installed in a plant. Since Fired Heaters have a major effect on plants safety as an equipment related with fire, various experience and performance are the most important evaluation elements of clients in selecting Fired Heater supplier.
JNK has performed various projects such as Crude Distillation Unit, Vacuum Distillation Unit, Steam Reformers successfully in the above plants and able to provide process design (thermal & mechanical design) of fired heaters to clients.

Hydrogen Refueling Station

On-site Hydrogen Refueling Station Introduction
In order for the hydrogen car market to be formed, Hydrogen Refueling Stations, which are facilities for charging hydrogen fuel cell cars, are required.
Hydrogen Refueling Station is divided into Off-site Hydrogen Refueling Station and On- site Hydrogen Refueling Station according to hydrogen supply method.

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