The company has experienced exponential growth as the country’s most highly regarded automotive parts supplier through smart investments and innovative technologies. Based on our accumulated technological capacity and know-how, we have driven our spurs into new technology research and development, which has enabled us to become a full-fledged global company. But we will not stop here but are continuously pursuing greater challenges and new innovation.

We have set forth ‘Vision 2023′ to ensure that we continue to develop world-class technology and to acquire customers all over the world. We are constantly doubling our efforts to achieve goals and invest in enhancing our exhaust system technology through developing fusion technology and environment-friendly energy to take a new leap into the future.

In addition, in order for the company to survive and grow in this age of fierce competition, it must go beyond just satisfying customers’ needs and produce customer delight by providing the best products. To this end, SEJONG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. has laid the groundwork to embark on its journey to a prosperous future based on the policies of quality improvement, technological innovation and global management.



Exhaust System
SEJONG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd has held first place in the domestic exhaust system market since its foundation, and is currently developing exhaust systems for both passenger and commercial vehicles. Our exhaust systems are selected by Hyundai and Kia Motors as being of ‘superior, five-star quality from the No.1 supplier’, which means that we produce even greater technology and quality than our overseas competitors. In recent years, we have been experiencing great success in our expansion into global markets and we have grown into a leader in the automotive parts industry.

Electronic Device
SEJONG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. is acquiring core part technology in preparation for full-scale commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell automobiles, and is doing its utmost to develop fusion technology grafted with electro-mechanical technology as well as to take the initiative in the development of intelligent smart car technology.

Green Energy
SEJONG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd.has developed a portable fuel cell system which uses hydrogen energy and proudly introduced an environmentally friendly portable generator with no harmful emissions. The generator we have developed is a power generator which changes liquefied petroleum gas into hydrogen gas and then turns it into electricity. It is possible to be used in places where supplying electricity is difficult or in emergency situations, etc.

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