leading the wind power industry UNISON, a wind power company

Unison specializes in wind power generation with know-how in the overall wind power industry, including development of wind power generation projects, development and supply of wind power equipment, project finance (PF), construction of wind power complexes, power generation projects, and maintenance of wind power complexes. Based on the best facilities and best technology, Unison is working with the growth of the wind power industry.

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Wind Project Development
Unison has been working on the development of wind farm since early 2000 and has accumulated the ability to optimize the design of wind farms to maximize the total amount of power generation and ensure the durability of each wind turbine in the complex.

EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)
With the successful development of the Youngdeuk(39.6MW) and Kangwon(98MW) wind park in 2005 and 2006 respectively, UNISON gained precious experience as an EPC provider in the wind energy sector.

The service center provides 24-hour/365-day monitoring of domestic and overseas wind turbine and provides optimized circuit prevention and maintenance services.

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