About Company

The reason why Acryl focused
on human emotions for AI

Artificial intelligence is hard to define. In fact, artificial and intelligence, separately, are also hard to define.
The term of artificial intelligence is best defined as giving human cognitive abilities to machines.
When it comes to training machines to understand humans, the most difficult training job will be to teach human emotions.
Acryl started with this challenging mission: to train machine to learn human emotions.
We have the mission to make AI understand human languages, as well as feelings.


Jonathan Intelligence™

  • Jonathan Intelligence™ is a deep learning model library which includes a multimodal emotional intelligence model (first and unique in Korea), healthcare models, natural language understanding models, visual models, free conversation models, and recommendation models, etc.
    You can make your AI with this Jonathan Intelligence trained with your own data or with the ready-made data of Acryl.

Jonathan Bots™

  • Jonathan Bots™ is a chatbot development and management solution that helps customers easily create chatbots.
    Jonathan Bots provides a GUI-based system to facilitate the deployment of chatbots and ongoing conversation management.
    and can create chatbots that understand even the context of dialogue based on high-performance natural language understanding AI models.

Jonathan Flightbase™

  • Jonathan Flightbase™ is a machine learning DevOps platform to automate end to end process in AI projects.

    It supports form data preparation and modeling process to model training and deployment process and also monitors machine learning performance and GPU utilization.

Jonathan Marker™

  • Jonathan Marker™ is a GUI-based data annotation solution.
    It supports data labeling of a variety of media formats like text, images, and video and can restructure annotation elements to fit for AI models which results in high-quality labeled data.

Jonathan Datascope™

  • Jonathan Datascope™ is social big data analysis solution to collect and analyze big data from various media sources.
    It analyzes the collected data through high performance AI technology and statistical methods and visualizes the analysis to recognize the result at a glance and to make a reasonable decision.


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