About Company

AhnLab, Inc. offers industry-leading cyber security solutions and services for consumers, enterprises, and small and medium businesses worldwide.
Founded in 1995, AhnLab, a leader in cyber threat analysis, provides comprehensive protection for endpoints, networks, transactions, and essential services. AhnLab’s technologies and solutions are seamlessly converged into a single platform to cope with evolving cyber security challenges. Our multidimensional approach combined with exceptional services delivers coordinated protection against the widest variety attacks that evade traditional security defenses.
That’s why more than 25,000 organizations rely on AhnLab’s award-winning products and services to make the IT infrastructure safe and reliable for their business operations.


Endpoint Protection

  • Complete protection to ensure a trustedbusiness environment
    AhnLab delivers a variety of proven, world-class antivirus products for desktops and server, and thereby protecting endpoint environment against viruses, worms, spyware, ransomware, data leakage, and elusive threats.
  • Advanced endpoint threat detection and response empowered by visibility
    Endpoints have become a primary target in common and advanced cyberattacks. AhnLab provides better detection capability and the ability to trace the attack, and thereby helping to identify the root cause of infiltrated threats and prevent proliferation through endpoints.

Advanced Threat Response

  • Comprehensive protection for business continuity against advanced threats
    The threat of advanced attacks and unknown malware has become a challenge to businesses. With its exclusive malware detection and response, AhnLab MDS prevents businesses from being targeted by advanced and sophisitcated attacks.

Network Security

  • Next generation network security for the era of digital transformation
    As networks have continuously grown in size and complexity, managing and protecting IT infrastructure against the widest variety of threat sources has become more challenging than ever. AhnLab delivers a full lineup to protect all networks ranging from small and medium to enterprise-class.

Security Services

  • Based on a high level of expertise and uncompromising quality
    Organizations need dedicated, highly-trained professionals that are capable of responding to quickly developing security incidents. AhnLab’s customizable security services give each organization the combination of solutions to meet its needs.


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