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About Company

BLOCKO is a blockchain specialized technology company that has experienced and achieved the largest amount of business cases in South Korea.

By launching AERGO mainnet in 2018, we will develop a blockchain solution that will help enterprises and the public to utilize the blockchain to a various extent. Blockchain is an infrastructure. Blockchain is composed of multiple technologies and the application and implementation of blockchain to the real world is not an easy task.
BLOCKO provides a highly reliable blockchain platform by leveraging the technologies and the vast experience the company has gained over the years. Our technologies and bright future prospects are being recognized not only in the domestic market, but also in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and the United States.



AERGO Enterprise is a blockchain platform that is optimally designed for enterprise use.

The most crucial factor that an enterprise should consider in introducing blockchain is the continuity of its businesses. The blockchain platform for enterprise use must be capable of fulfilling the requirements that are needed to be met in order for the actual business and service to be performed. AERGO Enterprise provides the blockchain platform that is optimally designed for enterprise use. Much more than a basic framework, the blockchain platform provided by AERGO Enterprise proposes a system that takes both business continuity and scalability and into consideration and provides a stable operating environment.


2020 Expansion

Began development of electronic payment and contract service, INSTSIGN (released in the second half of the year)
Began development of PaaS service for businesses, AERGO Hub (released in the second half of the year)

2019 Expansion

Formed a technical/strategic alliance with AERGO Foundation.
Launch of AERGO Enterprise.
Development of various blockchain-based applications.
Selected twice as Gartner’s Blockchain PaaS Player.

2018 Commercialize

Listed as one of the Representative Vendors in the report ‘Market Guide for Blockchain Platforms’ published by Gartner.
Launch of COINSTACK SignOn, a blockchain-based integrated authentication solution.
Completed the largest number of commercialization projects in the world.

2017 Commercialize

Establishment of Blockchain specialized research center.
Enabled the first commercialization of blockchain-based electronic voting authentication and distributed file system in South Korea.

2016 Presence

Launch of COINSTACK OpenKeyChain, an authentication solution.
Launch of COINSTACK Stamping, a timestamp solution.
Launch of COINSTACK 3.0, the first blockchain platform in South Korea with a GS Certification.

2015 MVP & PoCs

Launch of COINSTACK 1.0, a blockchain platform for enterprise use.
Upgrade to COINSTACK 2.0

2014 Establish

Establishment of BLOCKO in December
Launch of ‘Watch’, the first blockchain search engine in South Korea.


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