About Company

Global E-commerce Platform Bringing Creative Ideas to Realization
Global E-commerce Platform Cafe24 provides IT solutions and business services including e-commerce solution, global marketing, and global logistics that are necessary for doing online business. Cafe24 offers a One-Stop platform so that merchants can focus on creative projects to achieve further business growth in the global e-commerce market.
Cafe24 remains the number one Internet service brand by creating innovative business and merchant-centered services- all of which are possible through continuous technological developments and investments.
With 1.9 million online shopping stores and 6.1 million registered users, Cafe24 is the global platform of choice for online business.

Expansion of K-Style Products Drives Global E-Commerce Market
Recently, interest and demand for K-style are on the rise in countries like Europe and Southeast Asia. Such increasing enthusiasm is accelerating the shared growth of online businesses in the global market and Cafe24.
Cafe24 will continue to enhance its e-commerce platform to provide store owners with easy and convenient selling methods while offering global customers a fast and simple purchasing experience.
Cafe24 strives to offer an exceptional global service through its cutting edge Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology. This technology draws from the ‘e-commerce big data’ and enhanced algorithms collected from its 1.9 million store owners.

Management Philosophy

Trust : Creating trust by close lines of communication.
Humanism : It’s people who make the difference.
Customer-centered : Satisfy customers by understanding their specific needs quickly.

Strategic Goals

Brand Power : Be recognized as a brand that provides the best technology.
New Technology : Become forerunners in the industry through investment and R&D.
Business Expansion : Seek various business opportunities in the e-commerce field.

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