Core Value

“Is it the Kakao style?”
Kakao krew is often challenging themselves. Our view, behavior, and vision have already been imbued with the Kakao style, a naturally mastered and embodied essence to create a better world. We will never stop starting from basics and pondering our next move. That is Kakao’s style.

About Company

Willing to Venture
“Isn’t it risky to go where no man has gone before?”
A ship at anchor would be most safe, which is not the meaning of its existence. Exploring. undiscovered roads may entail risk. However, we always choose innovation over improvement. We redefine a problem, and focus on finding a new solution. If you are still afraid of challenging yourself, it is time to leave kakao.

Back to Basics
“What else do you expect?”
Inconvenience and complicatedness cannot be natural. That is why we confuse problems with inconveniences. We touch the core from ground zero. We keep questioning, ”Why?” That is how we transform familiarity into novelty and creativeness.

Trust to Trust
“Am I right at all times?”
We accomplish tasks as a team, rather than resorting to personal perfection. A better solution comes from heated debate and discussion that are grounded in mutual confidence. Respect others if you want to be respected. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Act for Yourself
“Why should I do this?”
It is the very first question that should be raised by the kakao crew. We create the impetus to pursue our goals. So when we work, we do it for ourselves. Instead of being reactive, we are proactive in pushing the work along. That is why we always first think, question, and act.

Tech for Good
“Isn’t it too grandiose?”
A company is the most efficient organization that can drive a sustained change for society. Companies have a duty to build a healthy ecosystem. kakao also goes to great lengths to bring about meaningful changes to society. Such thoughts and efforts shape each of our services. And so we make this world a better place than we found it today.


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