About Company

POSCO ICT is creating a smarter world by applying the convergence technology of IT knowledge and industry knowledge to industrial sites and other diverse areas such as energy, environment, etc.

In particular, Smart Factory wherein all processes are monitored at a glance and automatically controlled with every piece of equipment and machine exchanging information on their own is established by applying industrial IoT to manufacturing sites. In addition, global-level ICT service optimized for the customer environment, ranging from consulting to system setup and IT outsourcing, is provided based on the wide range of experience and technological power accumulated.

POSCO ICT provides Total Energy Optimization, which supports the optimization of energy by combining power generation, demand, transmission/distribution, and consumption into a Value Chain, in order to utilize efficiently the limited amount of energy. It addresses environmental problems caused by air pollution through the effective treatment and disposal of dusts and harmful substances discharged from industrial sites.

In order to provide new value to customers, POSCO ICT is making all-out efforts to develop a new growth engine that fully corresponds to the ICT Mega Trend. For the development of the new growth engine, the company is creating new synergy through the Connect and Development Strategy to promote cooperation with universities, research institutes, and technology partners, not to mention the internal R&D carried out by its own R&D organizations. In addition, it leads social contribution activities as well as the practice of ethical management in order to create a better future for everyone.


Smart Factory
Data in the production site is collected in real-time to be analyzed through the Big Data, and optimum control is supported through AI. Through this, productivity improvement in the manufacturing industry is enabled along with the quality competitive enhancement, and the management standard of facility, energy, and safety are improved to upgrade the manufacturing competitiveness.

EIC Engineering
POSCO ICT leads the factory automation-driven smart controls by systematically integrating elements such as electricity, instrumentation, and control to provide optimal solutions for process automation.

IT Service
POSCO ICT creates business values for customers by combining state-of-the-art technolo-gies such as AI and big data, based on original technical prowess accumulated in diverse fields including manufacturing, construction, and energy.

Logistics & BHS
POSCO ICT provides integrated logistics centers for Korea Post and numerous online retail-ers based on know-how on building and operating the baggage handling system of Incheon International Airport, which boasts of the world’s top accuracy.

  • Logistics Automation
    We provide total engineering service from provision of consulting, design, facilities, and maintenance of solution for the smart advancement of online logistics for Korea Post and online retailers. Moreover, in line with the 4th industrial revolution, we support smart development by applying shape recognition and malfunction prediction models based on AI, big data, and IoT.
  • Airport BHS
    We provide total engineering services encompassing consulting, design, and provision of facilities/solutions based on experiences of establishing the baggage handling system of the globally rec-ognized Incheon International Airport.

Home & City
POSCO ICT provides services of setting up the smart home system through the integration of top-notch IT, engineering, and content control technologies as well as establishing and operating smart infrastructure of the entire city by building a transportation system includ-ing billing for paid roads such as High Pass and Smart Tolling.


PosFrame is a smart platform that can collect structured and unstructured data of production sites in real time and optimally control it using data-based analysis and AI. PosFrame is the world’s first and most advanced platform for heavy and continuous processes that can be delivered on a cloud basis.

PosMaster was developed with POSCO ICT’s unique know-how accumulated through the automation of steel-making and manufacturing processes and digitalization of industrial field systems. It is an IPC-based smart controller that integrates PLC and HMI required by automation systems in the industrial field.

PosDrive NX Series, the tailored premium air-cooled AC drive solution for all applications requiring excellent durability, speed, torque response, and precise and powerful controls, consists of models with capacity ranging from 0.55 kW to 2,000kW.

Preventing external invasion by monitoring unusual control commands and notifying the operator accordingly after analyzing the control commands exchanged between the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that controls the equipment at the site and the control system using AI in a Smart Factory environment.

Smart Safety
Smart Safety solutions provide applications specialized in the corporate environment, customized services, and AI-Big Data based analysis to prevent accidents at various industrial sites.

Smart CCTV
AI Image Recognition Technology is applied to POSCO ICT for the provision of real-time intelligent image analysis solution.
By analyzing the image data of the production site photographed by the CCTV in real time with big data using AI It can prevent human or material loss due to accidents and provide support for actively coping with accidents, and improve the productivity of the manufacturing process.

Developed by POSCO ICT, A.WORKS is the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution for office automation based on software robots that automate repetitive
and rule-based tasks so that simpler assignments can be entrusted to.

CREDEX utilizes financial and non-financial data as well as AI/big data analysis technologies to identify precisely the debt service capabilities of a target company in order to contribute to the business of the customer. It provides the indices to make the credit ratings of a com-pany, including debt service capability index and financing capability information of a target company.


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