About Company

Connecting The World With Remote Technology
RSUPPORT dreams of a world where PC, mobile and all IT services can communicate with each other.
We aim to become the bridge that connects everything in our lives.
There are no limits with RSUPPORT technology, diferent browsers and operating systems are not an issue anymore.
One language designed by RSUPPORT.

Philosophy and Value

Connect everything with Remote S/W
In a world where everything is connected, Rsupport is at the center. Remote software created by Rsupport connects distant customers and people, remote PCs and mobile devices, just as being in the same room.

Recognized by the partners
Outstanding remote technology, recognized by 10,000 global customers. Industry leaders such as PC / mobile device manufacturers, telecommunications companies and financial companies are using Rsupport’s remote software at this moment.

Knows the value of People and Technology
Rsupport invests heavily in people and technology. Because we believe that the best technology comes from people. Rsupport is a company with more than 100 R&D professionals with passion and talent and a proven remote technology.

Technology and Innovation

Unparalleled No.1 Remote S/W company
No. 1 in Korea/Japan/Asia, Global Top 5 Remote S/W Company. We have already achieved a lot, but we will never settle for anything. We will continue with our remote technology research as we have been for the last 20 years until we become a world-class software company.

Pioneer in Remote and Cloud Technology
Rsupport’s technological innovations are always one step ahead. In 2001, we introduced the world’s first cloud-based remote support software, and prepared mobile remote support technology even before the smartphone era. We are now taking the lead in changing the paradigm of remote technology with WebRTC-based remote S/W running directly on the web without installation.

World class technology and security
Rsupport’s technology is already recognized by the world. Rsupport’s technical expertise, numerous international patents, certifications and awards have proven itself, not only in the domestic but also in the security-conscious Japanese market.


RemoteCall is an enterprise-ready, cloud based remote support solution that bridges the gap between agents and clients.

From enterprises to individuals, RemoteView is the easiest way to view, access and control any of your computers or mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

RemoteMeeting, the easiest and most effective way to instantly run a online meeting from anywhere in the world.

Introducing the automated, mobile application, test solution TAAS. It makes testing your mobile applications simple.

Mobizen is a screen recording/editing app to help users bring the smartphone screen live.

liteCam is an easy-to-use screen recorder. Create professional grade videos without any hassle.


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