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Fusing business and technology to innovate your future
Samsung SDS was founded in 1985 as the ICT arm of the Samsung Group. Our solutions have been leading the digital transformation and innovation of our clients for over 30 years across a wide range of industries. With operations in 30 countries, Samsung SDS’s solutions utilize advanced analytics platforms, AI, and blockchain technologies to serve a diverse range of industries including financial services, smart manufacturing, global logistics, and retail. Our vision for the new era is to become a data-driven digital transformation leader by leveraging the most advanced ICT technologies and solutions to discover actionable insights.

A Global Top Tier Player
Samsung SDS is driven by a mission to boost South Korea’s IT competitiveness, constantly developing the country’s digital solutions and services industry for over 30 years, all while meeting the needs of global consumers and leading the latest technology trends. These efforts paid off when we became Korea’s first IT business to receive a Global Mobile Award in 2017. In 2018, we also became the first Korean IT provider to surpass KRW 10 trillion in revenue, ranking 22nd in the global IT services market and 3rd in the manufacturing and energy sector. Named as the 10th most valuable IT services brand in the world by Brand Finance UK and received Credit Rating of A1 from Moody’s, Samsung SDS continues to be recognized as a global top tier IT solutions and services provider by industry pioneers.


Solutions & Platform
Go ahead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by securing a strong digital transition tomorrow with the differentiated industry-specific enterprise solutions focusing on the IT technology of analytics, IoT, mobility and blockchain.

IT Services
Raise the bar for your business with groundbreaking IT innovation. We provide exceptionally secure IT infrastructure and advanced outsourcing services, equipping your business with the tools to impress your clientele.

Take charge. From initial planning to final delivery, our supply chain and logistics solutions put you in control, while optimizing business operations with easy management tools and transparent monitoring technology.


Intelligent Factory
Samsung Nexplant, driving platform-based manufacturing intelligence

Smart Logistics
4PL services based on integrated logistics platform Cello

Digital Finance
Agile and secure digital transformation in financial industry through digital financial platform

Intelligent Retail
Enhance in-store experiences with customer data

Digital Health
Innovation in future medicine through digital health

Smart EPC Services powered by DT platform


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