About Company

Building great communities.
One at a time, with Smilegate.

At Smilegate, we utilize seamless communication, mutual respect and unmatched expertise to knit a community that seeks to accomplish our common goal. Our objective is to develop timeless-classic games that can be enjoyed by any generation and to continually expand our business to allow greater audience to experience all that Smilegate has to offer.


Mega Value Innovator in Entertainment

Pioneering innovation through discovery of Mega Values in the global entertainment industry.


Our good days become a better tomorrow

Joy becomes greater when we are together, and remains as happy memories for years. We enrich people’s lives with joy every day for our better tomorrow, where people with happiness build together.

Core Value

Understanding of market value and Smilegate’s goal
Understanding the values of market/players and sharing our common goal.

Passion with balance between heart and head
Creative and passionate minds with integrity and balance.

Commitment to make tangible achievements and take responsibility for them
Determination to achieve foreseeable results with willingness to take responsibility for continuous growth and development of the company.


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